Healing is a work of God in which He brings us to those He has prepared to help. A path toward healing is necessary to a fulfilled life. The Family Resource Center exists to promote a culture of life. Sexual trauma would be at the top of the list of those things that damage life the most. Indeed, it seems to be increasingly prevalent in our sexually charged culture. It is so damaging because the sexual capacity God gave us to reproduce His inborn image, when misused, only defiles it. In our sinful, fallen world, it happens (every 2 minutes in the United States) and healing is the way through it. Perhaps you have experienced some form of sexual trauma (rape, abuse, incest, etc.) in your past, and more and more you understand your need for healing.

Have you experienced sexual trauma? We offer an 8-week Bible Study, The Path to Sexual Healing, by Linda Cochrane, in the private, secure and confidential offices of the Family Resource Center. You may choose the option of either individual or small group sessions. We have volunteer Christian Peer Counselors available who we believe God has equipped to help you find the power of God to overcome.

This study is meant for women and men who have had a past sexual trauma or find themselves living a life of promiscuity.

PATH TO SEXUAL HEALING For more info Download this PDF

For more information please contact the center at (847) 731-8360

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