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The Board of Directors of Family Resource Center of Zion is pleased to submit this proposal for becoming a medical facility and implementing an ultrasound program. These additions will support the ministry by increasing the number of unplanned pregnancy clients. The opportunity to show life has proven to increase the choice of life.

The Objective

• Increase number of pregnancy option clients
• Increase services offered to clients, and donors to support them
• Take the ministry to a higher echelon

The Solution

• Obtain medical certification
• Implement Ultrasound program
• Encourage community involvement

The Opportunity

1.Becoming a medical clinic increases the number of abortion-minded clients served.
The number one question that needs to be answered for an abortion-minded client is: “Am I pregnant?” Until she receives an answer to this question, a discussion of further topics makes no sense. Only a medical diagnosis of pregnancy can answer this question. A self-test performed at a non-medical pregnancy center does not answer this question. In such a case, the client needs to receive a referral to a doctor who will provide a medical diagnosis. (Will she follow through on the referral or will she obtain the diagnosis from an abortion clinic or an abortion-referral agency?)

A pregnancy help center can only provide a proper answer to this question by being a medical clinic under the supervision of a licensed physician and by providing a medical diagnosis on site. When a center can legally do this, the number of abortion-minded clientele of the center will increase; it can now provide an immediate answer to the question that is on this woman’s mind.
Leaders of pregnancy help centers that have converted to medical clinic status are reporting a substantial increase in the overall number of abortion-minded women served. They credit the increase in such clients to the credibility associated with being a medical clinic and with their ability to provide a diagnosis of pregnancy.

2. Becoming a medical clinic empowers abortion-minded women to choose life.
As licensed medical clinics, pregnancy help centers can provide immediate on-site services that will empower women to choose life. Primary among these services is ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy. This medical service opens to each woman a window to her womb, enabling her to see and bond with her unborn child. When this happens, abortion becomes a non-issue for most women.

Pregnancy resource centers that have successfully made this conversion report dramatic increases in the numbers of abortion-minded clientele choosing life. Some centers are reporting that over 90 percent of all such clients choose life in a medical clinic setting where ultrasound is used. This is compared to only 20 percent of clients choosing life before the centers became medical clinics.

3. Becoming a medical clinic increases donor support.

Supporters of pregnancy centers want to give to a program that has results. When supporters understand the impact that “going medical” has upon the ability of the center to reduce abortions, they become excited and increase their giving. Furthermore, new donors are more easily attracted to the medical clinic model as they see its effectiveness.
Centers have reported dramatic increases in their revenue over the years as they operate as medical clinics and communicate their successes to their supporters. These centers have seen incredible jumps in giving at their annual banquets when the banquets concentrate on the power of medical clinic conversion and how it will enable the centers to reach more abortion-minded women.

4. Becoming a medical clinic increases credibility in the community.

By converting to medical clinic status, pregnancy help centers avoid the “bogus clinic” label that the abortion industry has used against them. Professionals (school nurses, social workers, doctors, and others) report that they are more willing to refer women to a bona-fide medical clinic than to a traditional pregnancy help center. The medical clinic title communicates that the institution provides professional and quality services. (Glessner, 2006)


Family Resource Center of Zion (FRCZ) incorporated in August of 2010 after serving the community for 5 years under the auspices of Care Net Family Resource Center in Kenosha, WI. FRCZ has always been an informational and educational ministry that is not involved in politics and is not judgmental to those who come for help or call for information. It is the desire of the Board and Staff that people make informed, healthy choice in areas of pregnancy and parenthood. Our services include free pregnancy tests, prenatal guidance, baby furnishings and clothes, information for community resources and ongoing parenting classes. All of our services are also available in Spanish. Through the provision of caring people and supportive community, women and men may face the future with hope as they are given support to develop a plan to care for themselves and their family.

FRCZ is unashamedly Christian, desiring not only to meet the physical and emotional needs of the clients, but spiritual needs as well. This comes through client interaction with our trained and caring staff and volunteers. Volunteer advocates are trained by the FRCZ staff using materials supplied by agencies such as Care Net National. They continue to take classes that will keep them current. FRCZ does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, marital status or religious beliefs of its clients. We see the Christian Gospel message as the ultimate answer for life’s problems and we communicate as such. However, everyone is treated equally whether or not they embrace the Christian faith.

The Family Resource Center of Zion has expanded its reach to the people of the local and surrounding communities through partnerships with other agencies and community groups. We have a presence in places where most at-risk women reside, work or attend school, and constantly seek an increased visibility to the community. Since 2014 we have seen a steep decline in the number of women entering our center for pregnancy tests. This diminishes the number of opportunities we have to offer life choices and save babies. We will show how becoming a medical center and offering ultrasound as a service will reverse this trend.

The Board and Staff and volunteers of FRCZ see this ministry as providing a vital service to the extended community. Meeting needs no one else is addressing, and enriching the lives of our clients, for the benefit of the communities we serve.


Proverbs 24:11-12 states “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?”

We will be held accountable for our actions or lack of action.

• With the decline of pregnancy tests at the center, comes fewer contacts with abortion minded women. We believe this decline is due to the availability of affordable urine pregnancy tests.

In 2017, there were a total of 39,329 abortions performed in the state of Illinois. With no local abortion clinics, Lake County, Illinois moved from 13th to 9th in the number of abortions performed nationwide. (IL Dept. of Public Health, 2017)

• Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) in Illinois, report that over 90% of women viewing their baby via ultrasound make life affirming choices. (Mehne, 2019)

From 2006 -2017 all states surrounding Illinois have become more restrictive with their abortion legislation. Illinois has become less restrictive. (Guttenmacher Institute, 2018)

Out of state abortions have increased. In 2010, 7.9% of abortions in Illinois were from out of state women in 2017 it was 16.8%. (Mehne, 2019)

There are three PRCs in Lake County, only one currently has an ultrasound program. The closest PRCs to Zion, with limited ultrasound are Kenosha, WI or Grayslake, IL. Many potential clients are unable to get transportation to these locations. FRCZ is located less than one block form a PACE 571 bus stop.

Offering an ultrasound service will reach the “what’s next” crowd, those who know they are pregnant but don’t know what to do next. Seeing their fetus as their child through ultrasound imagery, along with the advice from pro-life medical personnel would greatly enhance the likelihood that the woman would choose life for the unborn child.

This will bring our focus, as a ministry, back to its original vision: “Educate, Empower and Encourage men and women to make informed, Life-Affirming choices.” This renewed emphasis on the preborn child would not require us to stop providing the services that support those who have chosen life and are in need of encouragement, training and material assistance.

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, with faith that God will bring this ministry to fruition in His timing, and according to His will. As a Board and staff, we will continue to move forward acquiring the personnel and volunteers, waiting for the financial support, before implementing the program.

Timeline for Execution

Key project dates are outlined below. Dates are best-guess estimates and are subject to change.

Timeline for Execution

Personnel Required


The following table details the pricing for delivery of the services outlined in this proposal for startup and the proposed annual budget increase.

Disclaimer: The prices listed in the preceding table are an estimate for the date the proposal was created. This summary is not a warranty of final cost.

FRCZ qualifies for a donation from the Knights of Columbus for half of the purchase cost of an ultrasound machine. A private donor has given $20,000 towards the purchase of an ultrasound machine.
The maintenance contract expense will not begin until year 4 of the program.


The staff of Family Resource Center of Zion is pleased to submit this proposal for becoming a medical facility and implementing an ultrasound program, these additions will support the ministry by increasing the number of unplanned pregnancy clients. The opportunity to show life has proven to increase a life choice. Reasons our program will continue to have a positive impact on the community:

• FRCZ is making a difference for God’s Kingdom. Our services have opened the door to a consistent number of clients hearing the Gospel; seeing it lived out with non-judgmental love and acceptance, and receiving prayer on a regular basis.

• No discrimination for any reason. All people in the community are welcome at our center. We are committed to being a Family Resource Center as our name suggests.

• FRCZ is the only Pregnancy Resource Center in North Eastern Lake County. Clients can easily commute to our facility because we are located on the main street of our community, close to a city bus stop.

• More than 20 dedicated volunteers currently share the responsibilities involved in running the programs. This number will increase.

• FRCZ has faithfully supported the people of the community for the last 10 years.


We look forward to impacting the community with Life-affirming choices. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective limited ultrasound program to the communities of North- Eastern Lake County and South Eastern Wisconsin.

If you have questions on this proposal or would like to be a part of this opportunity, feel free to contact or by phone at 847-731-8370. To take part in our sustainability survey please visit our website or contact the center.

Thank you for your consideration, The Board and Staff of the Family Resource Center of Zion.


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Download this: FRCZ Ultrasound Proposal