Ideas on How to Run the Campaign

  • Actively Distributing the Bottles (Contact FRCZ for bottles)

When it is time to distribute the bottles the method you choose will dictate the success of your campaign. Handing out bottles passively (having them on a table in the back) is OK, but the participation rate will be quite low. It is by far better to have your liaisons recruit a few volunteers to hold baskets of bottles at the exits and ask if each person would like one as they exit. Have the volunteers offer the bottle to each person, including children
and teens, and have a small script they can say as each person passes.
Or, take a “Reverse Offering” and pass basket of bottles down each row for parishioners to take without even leaving their seats! Or, have a bottle distribution where the bottles are lined up on the platform and people come up right after your speech to
take with them (normally done while singing/praying). In general, it is far better to come up with a method of distribution that presents each person with a real time opportunity rather than requiring them to pick up the bottle at a later time. Removing that small barrier can make a huge difference. Sometimes new churches will be a bit hesitant to use such a forward method but after a few campaigns try to promote the active method again. By then your relationship should help get more bottles out.

Collection Day

  • The easiest way to collect the bottles is to have a table in the back where participants can drop them off as they enter and exit. While this is simple, participating in a bottle harvest can make a big difference in your collection totals.
  • Bottle Harvests – The collection of bottles should be done in a way that is a blessing both to the ministry and the church body. While the mechanics can be different, the basic idea is that the bottles are brought to the platform and then prayer is offered for both the ministry and the funds. In this way, the church is joining together in prayer to lift up the center in a way that is God-honoring and appropriate. How the bottles get to the platform can vary. The bottles could be brought up during a song or during silent prayer. Or, bottles could be collected by the children of the church and brought forward which has the added benefit of reminding the audience who the funds are helping.
  • Leaving it Open As much as it would be convenient to have all bottles returned in one Sunday, this is simply not how it happens. It is very important on the collection Sunday to announce where to turn in the bottles on following Sundays. One church, for example, had members put bottles on the platform and left empty bottles up there for a few weeks as a reminder.
  • OR continue a virtual campaign by finding your group below and share the link.  Please contact the center with any questions 847-731-8370 or
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