A note from the Director:

There has been a bit of concern asking the question, “Is FRCZ becoming too political?” I believe the answer is NO. Our vision at FRCZ is to Educate, Empower & Encourage. As important as this is for our clients, it rings true for our supporters, as well. In the post Roe world we are living in, we must be accurately informed and provided with the tools to fight for the life of the unborn and abundant life for those who choose to give them life. 
The battle for LIFE must be a united front. We must begin to raise our voices. We must take action, by using our voice at the polls and even more so in prayer. Just as we do not coerce our clients into making a decision, we will not pressure you to respond in a particular way. What is God calling you to do? How is He encouraging you to get involved? What is your next step for LIFE?  – Mary King, Director